US MedSource now Offers Bionix®

May 2015,

Bionix® Otoclear® Ear Irrigation Tips US MedSource is now offering the innovative products designed by Bionix® Medical Technologies. Bionix® has produced quality ear care products in the United States for over 30 years, and US MedSource is happy to offer these items in the Florida physician market. We are currently carrying a variety of the Safe Ear Curettes™ Lighted Ear Curettes™ as well as Otoclear® ear irrigation systems and accessories. We look forward to growing with our customers to provide a greater variety of the Bionix® line.

Bionix® Safe Ear Curettes™

Bionix® #5777 Safe Ear Curettes™ Variety Pack Safe Ear Curettes™ are the original ear curette product line for the safe removal of ear cerumen. Available in 7 different color coded design options, these disposable curettes are made of smooth, flexible polypropylene that provide unmatched comfort for patients and come in adult and youth sizes. A comprehensive introduction to Safe Ear Curettes™ is the #5777 variety pack which contains (15) of the #9555 original white Flexloop®, (10) #1222 Green MicroLoop®, (10) #3444 Red AngleLoop®, (10) #4111 Purple VersaLoop®, (10) #6333 Yellow CeraSpoon®, (10) #2999 Orange ControLoop®, and (10) #4888 Blue InfantScoop®.

Bionix® Lighted Ear Curettes™

Bionix® Lighted Ear Curettes™ Lighted Ear Curettes™ offer safety and comfort with unique lighting and magnification. The Lighted Ear Curettes™ come 50 per box in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each box includes a magnefication tool and a light source that will last for the 50 curettage procedures that the box quantity allows. The disposable curettes are easily attached to the light source for each new procedure. The #2245 variety pack includes (7) #2210 - Lighted AngleLoop®, (7) #2250 - Lighted CeraSpoon®, (7) #2220 - Lighted MicroLoop®, (7) #2260 - Lighted InfantScoop®, (7) #2230 - Lighted WaveCurette™, (7) #2270 - Lighted VersaLoop®, and (8) #2240 - Lighted FlexLoop®.

Bionix® Otoclear® Ear Wash Systems and Accessories

Bionix® #7290 Spraywash Otoclear® ear irrigation systems feature the #7200 Otoclear® tips that provide excellent comfort for the patient, because the innovative flare tip design prevents over insetion. Physicians appreciate the enhanced features of these earwash tips which include exit portals that contral drainage of debris during the irrigation procedure. These easy to attach luer lock tips fit various delivery devices including the economical #7290 Spray Wash Bottle kit, the convenient #7280 Portable WaterPik® kit, and the robust table top Waterpik®.
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